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Top 10 Parents Tips

Top 10 Tips for Settling Your Child in Preschool

Why is it that some children settle in better than others? Here are a few things that we at Little Angels Fun House personally think help with this big step:

1. Drive or walk past the school several times on the initial days. Point it out as their school – be enthusiastic and positive.

2. Talk about the teachers by name prior to the big day to instill familiarity. For example you can say “We are going to visit Mam

at your brand new school. There will be lot of fun.”

3. When you arrive at the school and go in say “Look! There is Mam

. Say hello Mam


4. At home talk about the mornings routine so that the child gets to know what he / she has to do in the school.

5. Follow a visual timetable of what has happened at preschool. Draw or cut out pictures of the activities that have taken place.

6. Very importantly reassure the child several times that you (or whosoever) will collect your child at the end of the day.

7. We will allow you to be a part of the settling period i.e we will allow you to stay with your child for a few initial days. While doing this, make sure that you try not to engage constantly with your child. Try and allow them to get on with things without you.

8. If your child cries hysterically when you leave the first time, try to be strong and GO! If you keep going back each time they cry, you set a principle and it is very difficult to break the habit! Most of the time the staff will be able to console the child as soon as you are out of earshot. Get the school to call you if they really don’t manage to calm your child or you can give them a call to reassure yourself.

9. Make sure you arrive on time to collect your child. This will give them confidence and reassurance that you will be back to collect them. If your child is the last one to be collected they can feel very vulnerable.

10. Talk to them about what they did at school- show interest and enthusiasm. It is a very exciting time for them but can also be quite scary so lots of positive encouragement goes a long way to boost their confidence.

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