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Pre-School Definition

If you are looking for the definition of a Preschool or a play school, then the dictionary suggests it to be an educational institution for children too young for elementary school. For parents, it is a common place where pre scholars meet, play and spend time together under the supervision of a teacher or two.

Preschool may not be a place where formal education is imparted but yes, it definitely is a place where children have their first taste of independence. And today, with both the parents working, preschool is becoming an important part of a child’s life. When we talk about independence, it relates to a child remaining away from his parents for a couple of hours, thus breaking free off the separation anxiety.

At play schools, children are exposed to a lot of basic preschool learning activities that help them to get independent faster. These preschool activities help children to learn many self-dependent qualities like eating food by themselves, dressing up, maintaining cleanliness and other such basic activities.

Besides this, preschool learning activities help the children learn basic manners like exchanging greetings, sharing of food and toys, identifying their possessions, etc. One big advantage is that as

children interact with children of their own age, they tend to develop their language skills at a faster rate as compared to stayed at home. Play schools also prepare children for the bigger school, instilling self-confidence and independence in them.

So sending a child to a preschool can definitely be advantageous but it is very necessary to identify the right kind of preschool where the correct student-teacher ratio is being followed and where the concepts of play school are very clear. Because, at the end of the day, preschools act as a guiding line which your innocent soul is bound to follow blindly
so the preschool needs to be the best.

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