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Genius Klub

Mind I-Q

Mind IQ is a multi-level program designed for the age group of 5-7 years old that introduces the child to IQ, General Knowledge (GK), Puzzles (PZ) and vocabulary-building using Crosswords (CW) – slowly increasing the degree of interest and maneuver

The program is conducted in small groups in a enjoyable class room mode – with a participative and interactive flavour following a do-and-learn principle.

During the GK period the topic is introduced by the mentor and in a participative manner the facts are spread-out to the kids. In the IQ slot the child is baited into recognizing patterns and asked to pencil-in the logic. The challenging PZ round is not just about solving them; here the kids are exposed to approaches & tips’n’tricks. While the CW module will make the children fill the crossword using the clues given; thereby astute right choice of words. All done in a relaxed fun mode!

Below Are The Samples

 Kids learn English best when it’s fun.

Kids English

Kids English is designed for the age group of 5-7 years old. This program will help build foundation skills that’s today’s elementary school curriculum requires. Children will themselves work to develop their focus and skills through worksheets, flashcards, games and activities.  This program will teach children the basics of the English language through Vocabulary, spelling and alphabet games.  Puzzles and crosswords will expand your kid’s knowledge of the English language and improve their IQ.

Below Are The Samples

 So come lets learn English through Fun

Home Work Hub

Home work hub is a comparatively newer concept wherein the kids in the age group 5-7 are guided by the instructor for completion of home tasks sitting in a group. It also helps in the development of team skills in children.

The advantages of joining home work hub are:

  • Activites & Quizzes to boost skills.
  • Hints & Tools to Study smarter.
  • Techniques & Tip to Ace the Tests.
  • Practice Maths while play.
  • Unforgettable Tips for Your Memory.
  • Guides & resources to perfect your words.

Handwriting Improvement

Handwriting depicts a person’s personality. We have designed a handwriting improvement programme for upto 14 year old kids wherein we focus on the development of appropriate writing skills so as to increase the legibility of the students.

The benefits of Handwriting Improvement are:

  1. Extra marks in exam
  2. Legibility
  3. Font formation
  4. Personality development
  5. Self confidence
  6. Assessment power
  7. Self realization
  8. Asset for life

NTT Course

Our N.T.T. programme is a recognized course by A.I.C.C.T.E. with 2 months practical training to train and promote the education girls so that they can be able to choose teaching as their career. This is to become reputed teacher in reputed nursery convent and English medium schools.

The aim of nursery teacher training programme is to prepare teachers for pre- primary schools, so that they are able to:

  • Develop an understanding of principles and processes of various aspects of child’s growth and plan educational activities accordingly.
  • An understanding of the various tools and techniques of child-study.
  • Be aware about role of parents and community in education of pre – school and early primary school.
  • Familiarize with methods, equipments and material of childhood care and education with their effective use.

As a nursery teacher you would:

  • Help children’s social, personal, physical and emotional development
  • Develop their language, literacy and numeracy skills
  • Encourage co-operation and good behaviour.

Admission open 2019-2020

Come and grab the opportunity!!!

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