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PreSchool Curriculum

All of our classes include age suitable preschool curriculum. Children learn through role-modeling, dramatic play and a wide variety of other experiences that introduce the skills necessary for reading, writing, following ‘directions, decision making and socialization. Art activities, organized games, child and teacher selected centers, free play and multiple other activities are the part of the daily lesson plans to assure a well-rounded experience for your child.

Yours child’s daily lessons correspond to our yearly themed curriculum with stages and goals for your child to reach for accomplish. These lessons ensure that your child develops necessary skills. We encourage you to keep an open line of communication with your child’s teacher to discuss any concerns, questions, goals, and expectations.

Kindergarten Curriculum

We offer a full day, individualized, general education program. Our day program allows each child ample time to experience each area of development within our broad-based personalized curriculum.

Little angles offer a personalized program based on individual students strengths and weaknesses and incorporates multi-sensory techniques and learning strategies.

Salient features of the same are as follows:-

  • Determine- and-learn with extremely interactive teaching methodology
  • Action based learning, themes and concepts used to impact the knowledge
  • Every child treated as a sole individual
  • Flexible activity program which is age-appropriate and accommodates the most
    recent teaching techniques
  • Stipulation for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Admission open 2019-2020

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